about us & who we are...

We are a small business with a big connection to nature, health and a passion for dogs and our team is made up of like-minded people who love their environment and know their is a better way of doing things, and lets not forget the love of dogs! We all wanted eco-friendly, organic natural dog grooming solutions for Brantford. As dog lovers, we created a grooming salon that our own dogs are happy to go to and would be comfortable taking them too. We created and offer the best in organic and natural products, patience and love and top notch service with a down to earth atmosphere all while making the earth happier.

We have made it our mission to always offer the healthiest and natural alternatives for your dogs. We have even tried them with our own dogs, and love to educate our clients on it all.

We wanted a complete line of cruelty free, truly organic products with trusted, locally sourced ingredients, and eco-friendly packaging. We wanted the healthiest, most environmentally friendly, all natural products possible, and because we wanted to know exactly what was going into the products we would be using, we set out to create our own. Then we discovered we really love making them!

The Herbal Hound line of organic grooming products is now sold in our little dog grooming salon. Word spread around town, and now other local retailers use and sell it too. But we didn't stop there, now our products are sold online to people just like you!

Our love of dogs and their health has inspired The Urbanhound Wellness Salon to be the first organic and natural dog grooming salon in the Brantford area.