DO NOT attend an appointment if you or anyone in your household has cold symptoms or have a positive test. Please cancel your appointment and rebook when cleared up.

Please make sure your dog does it pee and poop time at home not at your appointment time here.

Policy: Due to the being on high demand for our appointment times we take very seriously therefore we need to charge for any missed and last minute cancellations or lates. 

Clients cancelling less the 24hrs notice will be required to pay 50% of the groom fee. Clients who NO SHOW will be charged 100% of groom fee.

Prices can change depending on behaviour, coat conditions, size and generally going to long between grooms.


grooming packages & pricing…..

When it comes to our grooming we focus equally on the health of your dog through quiet, calm and gentle handling techniques and lessening our environmental impact through sustainable practices. We’re totally flexible, if there’s something specific you would like, chances are we can accommodate - just ask.

Our salon menu lists are starting points for all breeds to give you an idea of what to expect and once we meet your dog we will be able to provide a more accurate pricing, along with suggestions as to which services would most benefit your dog. We base pricing on breed standard size, temperament, coat condition and haircut styles. One last word on pricing……dogs with matted or thick coats, or temperamental personalities often take extra time to groom, in which case the price is reflective of the additional time involved. Please let us know when booking your appointment if your dog has any grooming challenges so that we may set aside an appropriate amount of time for the visit. All our packages include a hydrotherapy bath with natural shampoo and conditioner.

Routine grooming schedule of every 4 to 6 weeks for most dogs (some breeds 8 weeks) is mandatory to be client with us as we strive to keeps their skin and coat in peak condition. We have a variety of services to help you keep your dog looking and smelling wonderful. We believe in producing high-quality grooms that you and your dog will love.

How to use our pricing guide: pick your dogs weight or breed and it should correspond to breed standards of the AKC, then pick your groom package according to your dogs grooming needs. We will change your package if coat conditions don't equal your dogs needs.

We can no longer accept late dogs. If this happens your dog will be rescheduled and the fee below applies. We are a very busy little shop and our appointment times are important to running our business smoothly.

price list…..

smooth dog options (bostons, beagles, bulldogs, labs, etc)…..

the deluxe bath...

perfect for all haired dogs who tend to need more TLC to coats: deep cleanse shampoo, conditioner, blow dry, brush, nails and ear cleaning. (no coat trimming, not for long double coated shedding dogs)

  • up to 25 lbs • $55
  • 26-55 lbs • $65
  • 56-80 lbs • $80
  • 81-100 lbs • $90
  • 100-120 lbs •$105

the shed-less bath...

this is what we're known for! we use essential oils to balance oil production, aid in circulation, and restore balance to your short and natural coated dogs skin: shampoo, conditioner, blow dry, de-shed, ear cleanse and nails. (no coat trimming, not for long double coated shedding dogs)

  • up to 25 lbs • $65
  • 26-55 lbs • $80
  • 56-80 lbs • $95
  • 81-100 lbs • $110
  • 100-120 lbs • $120

clipping options…..

the tidy...

for longer haired dogs who just need to be freshen up in between their full grooms: shampoo, conditioner, blow dry, nails, tidy feet, sani, eyes and face trimming

  • xs breeds (long hair dashound, small maltese, small pomeranian, yorkie • $60
  • small breeds (shih, norfolk//cairn terrier, small cotton, mini schn., havanese, small cavalier king charles • $ 65
  • sm-med breeds (mini poodle, mini aussie, cockapoo, bichon, cocker spaniel• $75
  • medium breeds (mini doodles, irish terrier, bedlington terrier) •$90
  • large breeds (airedales, portuguese WD-small, std schn., irish/engish setters • $110
  • Xlarge breeds (small golden, average PWD, Collies, shepherds, giant schn.) • $120
  • Giant breeds (large std poodles/doodles, Old English Sheepdog, bouvier, bernese, st bernard) • $130

the works...

for longer haired dogs who love to be pampered: shampoo, conditioner, blow dry, brush, nails, ears cleanse/pluck and stylish clip (no to little matting involved)

  • xs breeds (long hair dashound, small maltese, yorkie, toy poodles) • $75-80
  • small breeds (mini poodle, shih tzu, westie, cairn terrier, mini schn., havanese) • $80-85
  • sm-med breeds (cavalier king charles, mini aussie, cottons, cockapoo, bichon, cocker spaniels) • $90-100
  • medium breeds (mini doodles, wheatens, irish terrier, bedlington terrier) • $115
  • large breeds (airedales, portuguese water dog, std schn., irish/engish setters • $135
  • Xlarge breeds (Std poodle, std goldenpoo, labradoodles) • $155
  • Giant breeds (bermadoodles, bouvier, bernese, st bernard) • $170
  please note: we do not do flea or shunk baths

nail clipping and ear cleaning (and plucking if needed) always come with the works package, but you may add teeth cleaning, nail smoothing, extra brushing, or gentle de-matting and anal gland expression (external) to any package. All of the following services are also offered on their own as a stand-alone service.

custom options…..

nail clipping…

trimmed to maintain proper foot placement.

  • Stand alone - $15 

complimentary to all packages except “the basic bath”

nail smoothing…

includes nail trimming and then sharp edges are smoothed afterwards... itchy dogs really appreciate this, but nice for cuddles too!

  • Stand alone - $20
  • add to a package  - $12

teeth cleaning…

we use hand tools to manually go in and descaling your dogs teeth non anesthetically.

  • Full Service Scaling (1hr mins) - $225.00 (Only done once a month please call us for details.)
  • Maintenance Scaling (15 mins) - $50 (this is a add on service once a full service scaling has been done)

ear cleaning…

we’ll check ears for health, and clean them with our organic rosemary & niaouli ear cleaner.

  • Stand alone - $15
  • complimentary to all packages except “the basic bath”

extra brushing…

to help your dog with shedding. excess undercoat can lead to matting and over-heating.

  • Stand alone - $15 per ¼ hour

anal gland expression…

external expression only on xsmall and small dogs only

  • Stand alone - $30
  • with a package - $15


done upon request with any package.

  • with a package - $12.50 5 mins
  • with a package - $37.50 15 mins
  • with a package - $70.00 30 mins
  • with a package - $140 60 mins

Late pickup/daycare…

if you need to leave your dog with us longer then the groom appointment time given.

  • 30 mins – $20

shampoo options…..

skin issue dog oxygenate rinse

CO2 Hydrotheraphy is a powerful spa treatment that stimulates the dog’s circulatory system. It is achieved through the use of carbonic acid and activates cellular metabolism and accelerates cell regeneration..

  • with a groom or bath package - $10 small breed
                                                        - $15 medium breed
                                                        - $20 medium breed

allergy free shampoo

as allergy free as it can be, it contains only what's necessary to make real soap that's mild enough for sensitive, allergic skin, but still gets your dog squeaky clean. you'll be surprised at how scent free our natural soap really is.

  • with a groom or bath package - $8

dirty stinky dog shampoo

no dog is too stinky or dirty for this ablution. squeaky clean is had by way of two full baths using lots of lather with essential oils of pine, fir, and lime. simply clean and delicious.

  • with a groom or bath package - $12